Designing to Increase Loan Support Service Participation and Donor & Volunteer Engagement

As a communication designer at ACCION East, the NYC office of international microfinance nonprofit ACCION International, I designed with two goals in mind. The first challenge was that clients of ACCION’s microloans often did not participate in the many loan support service programs ACCION offered. To increase loan support service participation, I designed print design materials in English, Spanish, and Portuguese for new and existing loan clients, many of whom are immigrant small business owners. The second challenge was increasing supporter engagement, and to support that, I developed interactive design materials for email marketing campaigns targeting donors, volunteers, and other supporters of ACCION.

  • Role Communications Designer
  • For ACCION
  • Date 2013
  • Type print brochure, email marketing campaign banner
  • URL

Truck loan program one pager, ACCION International

Email marketing campaign banner, ACCION International